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Postgraduate Research Opportunities

If you are looking for PGR opportunities and want to contact me, here is some information that will hopefully help to answer some initial questions you might have.

There’s a lot of useful advice already out there about how the process usually works, help on writing proposals and getting funding, e.g.:

Am I the right supervisor?

If you’re interested in exploring some of the areas I’ve mentioned on my Research page then that’s a good start! I work primarily in the Vision, Graphics, and Visualisation (VGV) Research group, but am also a part of the Intelligent Robotics (IR) group.

I am quite new to PG supervision, you can see more on the Supervision section of my AU Research page. I’m keen to collaborate with people who want to explore creative ideas and approaches in technology. I’m a big fan of working set hours and keeping a healthy work-life balance, and making time for opportunities that will benefit you within your studies - there are often oppotunities to get involved in teaching and extra-curricular activities in the dept if you want to.

If you are interested in studying at Aber Uni but aren’t interested in the same research areas then have a look at our department’s research webpages. We have four research groups that cover a wide variety of areas. There are also links to some currently available positions, and past projects.


Unfortunately I don’t have dedicated funding available for PGR studentships, but I do sometimes apply for scholarships, usually with project ideas attached, for example with the UKRI AIMLAC CDT.

Some other options to explore:

Project idea

If you want to get in touch, then it’s much easier for us to have a conversation that will help you if you’ve got an idea of what you want to investigate, and what kind of work might already have been done in that area. For funded projects I may have already proposed an idea, and if so you will be able to see that (e.g. as with the UKRI AIMLAC CDT); you should think about how you would work with this suggestion. For either, I’d suggest getting together a couple of pages of notes that we can discuss if you want to talk.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a funded post there will be instructions with the funding on what we need, but if you’re not sure you can contact me.

If you’re applying as self-funded or privately-funded, there’s instructions on applying to the Department of Computer Science on Aber Uni’s website.

What next?

If you have looked through the above and want to discuss your idea(s), you’re welcome to contact me.